Ali & Nino Statue (Love Sculpture) 

Statue of Love in Batumi The main name of this statue is “Woman and Man”, but is more often known as the Batumi Love Statue, and is located next to the Batumi pier. It shows a 7-meter metal statue, male and female, that are far from each other, between 8 and 10 minutes, get together. Its creator is Kvesitadze Tamara,a Georgian  architect, painter and sculptor. Originally the source of inspiration for this statue is the story of Ali and Nino’s life. Ali is a Muslim boy from Azerbaijan who loves a Christian girl named Nino. This lover and beloved are guilty of different religions from their families. They separate each other and after a while they leave the mortal world to join each other in the other world. These sculptures actually represent the spirit of Ali and Nino, who come to the paradise along the beautiful Batumi Beach. It is interesting that when these two statues  come to each other, people watch the whistle and start joining joys. These sculptures are bright from 9:00 to 12:00 and show beautiful lighting on Batumi charming nights.

ალი და ნინოს სკულფტურა (LOVE SCULPTURE)


Ali and Nino’s statue on Batumi Boulevard is definitely one of the most memorable and marvelous attractions in Georgia. These two dreamy and borderless romantic sculptures are depicted between a couple. Beautiful sculptures designed in the form of men and women, moving seven meters in height each and every ten minutes to each other and merge together. The creator of this statue of Tamar Kvesitadze is inspired by the famous novelist Ali and Nino, a novel whose first edition was published in Australia in 1937 and in German until now in 32 languages Translated world.This novel narrates the deep love story between an Azerbaijani boy named Ali and a Christian Georgian girl named Nino during the First World War in the Caucasus.

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