Batumi Alphabet Tower

The tower of the Batumi alphabet, which is a symbol of the 5,000-year-old alphabet of Georgia, is built with a special architecture in a 130-meter-high, which represents the unmatched Georgian alphabet and the people of Georgia.

  The tower design resembles a dual spiral design known as the DNA structure. The aluminum body of the tower is in the form of 33 letters of the Georgian alphabet to the top of the structure. Among these, there is an empty space dedicated to the elevator and the purpose of this tower is to visit the 360-degree view of the city and the restaurant to attract tourists.

برج الفبا باتومی

” sky scraper” Definition

Skyscraper is a skyscraper or a high-rise building , called a skyscraper . In Persian during the last decade, the word Tower has also been used to refer to this concept.

Although there is no standard standard for defining the skyscraper, the height of at least 150 meters is used as a criterion for defining skyscrapers.

The word “skyscraper” is an English word skyscraper . This term was first used in the late nineteenth century for the tall buildings of New York City. Architectural historians later refrained from using the term for tall brick buildings, and used it only for high-rise buildings with steel skeletons.

Cost of construction

An important and undeniable fact of high standing is its enormous cost. These costs are not only for buildings over 200 meters and are even seen in a 4-story building. But when a building with an altitude of over 200 meters or 400 meters is built, it talks about unexperienced issues and very large scales. The costs of these projects are not limited to materials or technical matters, and there are many unforeseen issues during implementation. All these costs are also added to another important factor: “maintenance costs” that impose a heavy financial burden. These construction works are often carried out by governments.

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