Batumi Aquarium

The Reality of Batumi Aquarium

Georgia’s aquarium is a small and very old place that does not have much to offer, and maybe its full flow lasts less than 30 minutes. The facilities of the Institute are weak and the species of fish are limited, however, every journey should keep the the children happy.

Batumi Aquarium idea for the future

And the aquarium is one of these options on the Batumi tour, which is more attractive to children. The Batumi Aquarium is just one of Batumi’s tourist attractions and attractions that is inspired by the Batumi Beach, which has been shaped like a sculpture by sea waves for many years to come. The aquarium consists of four crumbling buildings, each of which holds unrivaled species from the Aegean Sea, the Mediterranean, the Indian Ocean, the Black Sea and the Red Sea, and eventually an exhibition for training.

Batumi Aquarium

Batumi’s aquarium is located right next to the Dolphin Park.

and access to it is very convenient and easy. It is not a bad thing to have fun and time for children to get to know different species of fish and feed them. The entrance fee is 2 lari per person, which is very affordable. In this aquarium, people enjoy the blue views. In fact, everyone who travels to Georgia will take a memorial to the aquarium with him in this city. The spectacular views of Georgia are not just about the aquarium and you can visit other spectacles.


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