Batumi Diving Center

By visiting the Batumi diving center, you will have the opportunity to experience exciting hours by diving in the Black Sea. At Batumi diving center it’s possible to get the necessary equipment, if you have not had a diving experience, first you will need the necessary training in Shallow waters given to you, and then you will have the opportunity to explore the sea.

Tourists can enjoy the diving in the sea between 1 to 4 hours. If you do not already have a diving experience, you will first be given the instruction by instructor in the shallow depths and after learning you will be able to diving in the sea and you can go into deep water search. One of the most beautiful moments of diving is to watch a variety of fish, algae and mosses, as well as hundreds and thousands of other species in these waters, and also use the center’s facilities to capture these moments in the depths of the water. And keep your memories. Rad Travel suggests not to miss this beautiful and spectacular place.

Batumi Diving Center


Submersible buoyancy diving – with or without artificial breaths Skovba . Diving, in addition to industrial , research , and military applications, is also available for sports and recreation . Today, diving and recreational diving has become popular and widely used in many countries of the world as a useful, fun, enjoyable and source of income for the ecotourism industry. Underwater breathing has a short history of using compressed air . But doves on the sea and deep sea trips have long been done by many nations around the world.

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