Boat Riding

Around the city of Batumi there are several tumultuous rivers that are very suitable for a ride. To participate in this emotional fun, you must first sign up for Batumi tours. Depending on your choices, you will be going to one of the rivers around Batumi, 20 km from the city. Below is an example of a guided tour.

Batumi first route: Machi-Chilis-Roki-Ajariyskali Rivers

Duration: 90 minutes, 6 km

+ No need for physical training

Batumi Second Direction: Turning Route

Duration: 25 to 40 minutes

+ No need for physical training

Watch the nature for the hours, where the sound of water is heard, and see the scenery that you can never see on foot. The excitement of the raging streams and jumping off the waterfalls, miles off the sea and infinity of water, and in general one of the greatest adventures. All of this was assembled in a lovely sport, namely, a boat ride. I want to enjoy this sport, touch it closely and see where it starts and how it starts.

Types of Boats

Rowing is divided into a different fields, such as Kayak or Kano, each of which is a puddle activity. Differences between Kayak and Kano are just how to sit, and the number of blades on the parachute. The history of the first Kayaks was used by the Indians in the United States to go hunting for their boats and go on hunting in lakes, rivers, or ocean waters. Today, however, the design and construction of boats are generally changed, and more is taken to ride as a recreational sport.

Kayak’s Kayak boats are designed to give you their own excitement based on their gender and design. Kayaks can be of different shapes like wood, iron, fiberglass, plastic, PVC. Every different design of Kayak can have its own advantages and uses. These benefits include strength, endurance, portability and flexibility.

Boat Riding

The kayak ride can be as much as a ride on a lake, relaxing silence, and as exciting as a whirlwind rushes along the waves. So, if you like to learn this exercise, it’s better to set the amount of excitement you need, because with this boat you can ride in the tumultuous streams or travel on the oceans.

The meaning of” kayak”

This boat model was used hundreds of years ago for fast hunting and flooding of the rivers and lakes, and in principle the kayak means the hunter boat. The importance of this boat in the lives of people in ancient times has made it possible to make some changes in its design that becomes what is now, an exciting tool.

Two-seater boats This sport is called Klepper, which is a bit more weighty than the Kayaks, but because of the power of two people to help move the boats, it’s one of the fastest ways to make this sport. The excitement that comes from the roaring stream of water in the river is the same as all adrenaline-loving friends. Fortunately, we can experience this sport in Iran and Georgia.

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