Botanical Garden of Batumi

Botanical Botanical Garden is located 10 kilometers to the north of Batumi and has an area of 110 hectares. The Russian botanist Andrei Nikolayev Krasnov, with the help of two Georgian gardens, founded the garden in 1880 and officially opened in 1912, adding a case to the Batumi attractions of Georgia. The garden has 5,000 plant species, 1200 of which are roses.

The main parts of the garden include the following parts: West Asia, New Zealand, South America, Himalayas, Mexico, Australia, Mediterranean, Caucasus, Coastal Park and Rose Garden.

“No country in the world has a variety of Georgian herbs and animals.” Said Professor Michael Sook. Semi-tropical swamps, semi-desert areas, Alpine areas and snow-capped peaks are found at a distance of 100 km from each other. In Georgia, there are 14 protected natural areas, 8 parks, 12 protected natural areas with management, 14 natural monuments and 2 protected gardens visited by enthusiasts.


Botany or herbal science is one of the biological disciplines that studies the life and development of plants . Botany includes many branches of biological sciences that study plants, algae and fungi . Botany’s subcategories include morphology , physiology , systematics , and pollinology .


The first botanical practices written around 300 BC include two great treatises by Theophrastos (Greek philosopher): the History of Plants (Historia Plantarum) and the Goals of Plants. These two books have had the greatest impact on botany in ancient and medieval times. The Roman Dioscorides presents important evidence of the knowledge of Greeks and Romans about medicinal herbs.

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