Cable car

Entertaining Center Argo is a sightseeing attraction located on Anuria  Mountain in Batumi, 250 meters high from the sea level. The complex offers spectacular views of the town, The Black Sea and the surrounding mountains. The center comprises in itself restaurants, cafes, retail shops, open air halls, and podium and roof terraces as well. Building design is meaningfully enriched by the use of ARGO symbols, the ship by which Jason and Argonauts sailed to Kolkhida. The complex forms a high building and the podium to create an impression of being on a ship deck. The tower has an image of the sail decorated with combined golden aluminum panels and glasses, sparkling in the sunlight and flashing at night. West profile overlooks the town and is thoroughly wrapped in glass.

Podium terrace is the central part of the building providing a wide view of the town, its surroundings, highlands and hills. The ambient space creates an impression and feeling of constant traveling through the circle.

Entertaining center includes the cable car as the main connecting line with the town. Visitors will use the telfer to reach the Argo, which will make their journey joyful and exiting, giving them the chance to get pleasure from unique panoramic views of the town and enjoy the trip.

Cable Car is designed and manufactured by Doppelmary the Austrian Company. The line is 2 586 meters long, with 8 seater 9 gondolas. One way tip duration is 10 minutes, serving 186 passengers in an hour.


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