The dolphin park is a tourist attraction of Batumi and has a capacity of 700 people.

In this park, various shows are performed by dolphins and their trainers, and visitors can be introduced to around 30 of shows and enjoy the fascinating and stunning performance.

Batumi Dolphin Park is closed on Mondays.

Visitors can swim with dolphins and see them closely after payment.

Of course, the cost is different for adults and children.

Visitors can also touch the dolphins.

 Dolphinarium in Batumi can an exciting event which is suitable for all age groups.

 This show is held in three languages: Georgian, English, and Russian.

Batumi Dolphinarium and Aquarium are Georgia’s most popular tourist attractions among Batumi’s tourists.

پارک دلفینها باتومی


Dolphins are marine mammals that are closely related to the whales and mountains . The ancestors of these animals were hermaphrodites who came to the sea for nearly 50 million years to find food from land. There are approximately 40 Dolphin species in the 17 different species .

The dolphin body has gradually adapted to life in the water for millions of years. Dolphins and other aquatic animals have the ability to move in the water of the fin , and their tail as a propellant creates. Their body is also such that it is suitable for swimming as quickly as possible in water and lasting for a longer time with a bang. The need to develop advanced neural systems for water-disrupting has led dolphins to get larger and more complex brain gains. Such a thing has given them high perceptual abilities that have made them, amongst some of them, a kind of graphic culture .

Like many other mammals, they give birth to their children alive and give them milk. A group life in many types of dolphins helps them minimize the dangers of living in nature for themselves and their children. They take advantage of the ability to produce sonar and very strong hearing to find their prey. The food of these animals is fish and offspring . The killer whale is but the only dolphin that hunts large mammals .

The members of the two main groups of ocean dolphins and riverine dolphins are found in all the open waters of the world as well as in some rivers along fresh water. Due to their high intelligence capabilities, friendly appearance, and their everlasting appetite, dolphins have attracted human attention from the past over the course of history. Not only have they been involved in human culture and art, which humans have used dolphins for a variety of uses, such as finding fish, minigames, and even eating their meat.

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