Europe Square

In this beautiful square great entertainments awaits you. You can see one of the most beautiful dancing fountains in this square. Around sunset, Dancing Fountains, Batumi begin their evening show of lights, music, and shifting shapes, lined above a reflecting lake. Synchronized to classical, pop, and rock hits, gushes of water and rays of lights create an appealing atmosphere.

Europe Square is actually the main square of Batumi and its very large and wide , and people practice many sports activities at any time. There are also many department stores and shopping centers around the square.

This square is in the middle of the town where you can see a lot of shops. Europe Square is the most crowded part of the city and there are many luxury shops all around it. If you prefer to save your cash, we suggest visiting other shops.

This square is too crowded in a day and you may not see some places.

Europe Square

Europe Square Night

But the grandeur of Batumi’s Europe Square is best appreciated in the evening. After dark, the array of grandiose buildings that line its edges is lit up, giving it an extra touch of imperiousness. In the middle, the statue of Medea stands on a column, an imposing nod to Georgia’s ancient connections to classical Greece and Europe.

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