Georgian National Museum

Georgia’s National Museum is one of the attractions of the city of Tbilisi. This Museum is Located on Rustavi Street, near the Tbilisi Free Square.

Paintings of the Qajar era, Old Quran, Paintings on glass, Metal containers of different styles, Wooden works, Handmade and exquisite carpets and textiles, Islamic tiles, Swords, Shields, Hats and glass and glass containers The artwork of the history and civilization of Iran Land is part of the Museum of Oriental Arts in Georgia.

In the National Museum of Georgia, there are more than 3000 objects related to Iran from the Achaemenid period to the contemporary era, which is the adornment of this museum.

On the second floor of the museum, there is a large salon that is unique to the beautiful paintings of Iranian artists of the Qajar period, which is very beautiful and interesting. One of the most important reasons for the existence of all Iranian works related to the Qajar period is that the vast section From Georgia and the city of Tbilisi, during this period, was regarded as the northern region of Iran, which was separated from Iran by the Pious Golestan Treaty, the Caucasus region, which included a large part of Georgia, and annexed to the territory of Russia.

Georgian National Museum

The history of the first Georgian treasure was 190 years ago, but the Georgian National Museum was formed in 2004, with the merger of 10 different museums, the National Gallery, the four traditional museum houses and two research centers that are currently in place. Georgia’s largest museum.

Precious works of the Tbilisi Museum

Many of the discovered works related to Iran in the excavations of the eastern and western parts of Georgia include:

Iranian architectural memorabilia, dishes and pottery imprinted on Persian beautiful calligraphy, poems of Shahnameh, as well as various inscriptions of the mosques.


The Georgian National Museum includes a selection of medieval Christian art pieces, a collection of gold and silver and precious gems of the Kolkhis ancient land, as well as various works by artists from Eastern and Western Europe, Russia and Georgia.

In addition to the National Museum of Georgia, there are some valuable treasures, the Tbilisi Museum of Money , the Tbilisi Museum of Dolls in the Georgian capital and the Stalin Museum in Gori, Georgia, which are very attractive and spectacular.