Gino Paradise


Tbilisi, as the capital of Georgia, has plenty of spectacular sites and entertainment with many fans to offer the tourists. The Gino Paradise Tbilisi Water Park is one of the attractions that has been built in recent years in the city and has attracted interest for its various sections. Stay with us to make you more familiar with this site.

Gino Paradise in Tbilisi is the first multi-functional complex in Georgia which combines grand water-park and a unique, relaxing Wellness and Spa center, fitness room and food courts.

That fun and healthy way of life are connected concepts. The goal is to offer customers of any age a distinctive and unforgettable place of entertainment and relaxation.

Gino Paradise has been added to Tbilisi recreation facilities as one of Georgia’s most popular tourist attractions and recreation in Tbilisi, and has more than 20 hectares of swimming pools and water slides in its area.

Some information about Gino Paradise Tbilisi

The Gino Paradise Aqua Park is located in Tbilisi near the lake and has been completed and exploited with 22 hectares in 2014. The park, built for nearly 20 million euros, is one of the largest projects in Georgia and is one of the largest water parks in Eastern Europe. At Gino Paradise Park, all types of attractions and special facilities are provided for tourists  to use them in summer and winter, outdoor swimming pools and indoor swimming pools are according to the international standards. SPA centers, saunas, Fitness center, numerous restaurants and other entertainment are also available.

four seasons

Gino Paradise is a four seasons resort, and is ready to receive admission 365 days a year. It offers to the visitors 12 indoor and outdoor pools (such as children´s pool, wave pool, leisure pool, relaxation pool, sea-water pool or swimming pool) with 10 filtration circuits.

Furthermore, the visitors may enjoy additional water features such as wild river with pirate ship and whirlpool, a wellness and relax centre, saunas, and a tower with six large water slides, a variety of slides for kids, a fitness centre and numerous further attractions.

The leisure complex includes a sand beach and visitors´ facilities such restaurants, cafés and bars as well as a service building and technical plantrooms.

Usually Iranian travelers travel to Tbilisi in the spring or summer, and many of them have enjoyed this resort in the past years. So the best time for Iranians is from late may to early fall, when the weather is fairly warm and you can swim without any problems- in the term of air temperature or rain. However, the Georgians themselves are more resistant to cold temperature, and they use the Tbilisi Water Park for fun until snowfall.