Green Monastery

The Green Monastery, the same St. George Cathedral was built in Chitahevi by apprentices of St. Grigol Khandzteli, Christopher and Theodore in about the IX century.  Built on the right bank of the River Kura, the monastery complex includes a single-nave church of roughly crushed stone and a bell tower of XV-XVI century. 

The exact date of construction of the church  is unknown as are the names of priests who lived there, but the church resembles the construction style of  the IX century.  Monks’ cells were located around the church;  some of which have survived to this day. In the XVI century, during the Shah – Tamaz invasions, the monastery was captured by the enemy and dozens of monks were wounded, tortured and killed. 

The riverbed flowing in the monastery is full of rocks of reddish color, which were called the “bloody stones.” Pilgrims believe that the blood of monks killed in XVI century remained on these stones. It is said that these stones with traces of redness  have abnormal healing power – in winter and summer the “blood” of the stones is visible and if the faithful  do not pray, the blood is “erased.” 


In the 1980’s of the XX century restoration works were carried out, and in 2002 there the monastery was restored.


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