Kutaisi (in Georgian : ქუთაისი) is the second largest city in Georgia , capital and legislative capital of the region Imerícia , the Rioni River , west. It is located 221 kilometers from Tbilisi .
Kutaisi is located along both banks of the Rioni River, high being about 125-300 meters above sea level . From this northeast, Kutaisi is flanked by the Imerícia Mountains, to the north by the range of Samgurali, and west and south across the plains of Colchis.
Kutaisi is surrounded by forests of deciduous from northwest to northeast. The surrounding low – lying city have an extremely agricultural landscape. The city center has many gardens, and its streets are tall and leafy trees. In the spring, when the snow begins to melt in the mountains, the stormy Rioni River that cuts in half the city is heard far beyond its shores.
Kutaisi was the capital of the ancient Kingdom of Colchis archaeological evidence shows that the city served as the capital of the Kingdom of Colchis from the second millennium BC . Several historians believe that in Argonautica , a Greek epic poem about Jason and the Argonauts and their journey to Colchis , the author Apollonius of Rhodes considered Kutaisi its final destination as the residence of King Aeëtes . 978 to 1122, Kutaisi was the capital united Kingdom of Georgia , and the 15th century until 1810, was the capital of the Kingdom of Imerícia . In 1508, the city was captured by Selim I , the son of Bayezid II , the sultan Ottoman Empire .
Kutaisi became a major industrial center before the independence of Georgia in 1991. The independence preceded the great economic collapse of the country, and as a result, much of the country’s workers emigrated. The small trade prevailed within the remaining population.
The city also had a large Soviet memorial for all Georgians killed in World War II . On December 19, 2009, a private demolition company working for the government demolished the monument to make room for the new legislative building, despite a large protest by the Russian and Georgian government opposition. Safety rules were violated, resulting in splinters flying over the city. A woman and her daughter died as a result of the incident in the garden of his house, and four others were seriously injured.
In 2011, President Mikheil Saakashvili signed a constitutional amendment that transferred the legislative headquarters to Kutaisi.
On May 26, 2012, Saakashvili inaugurated the new building of Parliamentary Kutaisi . This was done in an effort to decentralize power and increase the political power to nearAbkhazia . However, it has been criticized for marginalizing the legislature, and also the demolition of Soviet war memorial.