Sulfur Spring Baths

An enjoyable experience and warmth in hot water:

The main name of Tblisis is Takili, which means in the Georgian language a hot spring. The swift bathing tradition and the geographical location of the city resulted in tight ties between Tbilisi and the Silk Road.

There were more than 63 bathrooms built in the 13th century. In the early nineteenth century, tourists and visitors of Russia listed the number of bathrooms in this area as 10, which decreased to the number of 5.

One of the most famous people in the bathroom is Alexander Doma (a famous French writer and creator of renowned works like Comte Monte Cristo and three Musketeers) and Alexander Pushkin (famous Russian poet and writer and creator of the Knight of the Bad, Gypsies And prisoner of the Caucasus).

In the old part of Tbilisi you can visit the Tbilisi Sulfur baths. The construction of baths in this area has increased due to the emergence of sulfur hot springs in the area. They all were made at different times between the ages of 17 and 19.

The oldest is the Irakli bath, owned by the royal family and the princes of the Georgians in the 16th century.

Sulfur Spring Baths
The most famous Sulfur baths in Tbilisi:

One of the most beautiful baths of Sulfur Tbilisi is the Orbeliani Bath. This bathroom is decorated on both sides of the minaret and its facade is decorated with blue tiles. Most people call it a blue bath. Inside the bathroom is very clean and beautiful. The walls are decorated with green mosaics and white tiles.

There are other baths known as Bebutov, State, Sumbatov, and Zubalov. All Sulfur baths in Tbilisi are called by their former owners. One of the other famous baths in Tbilisi, located in the orthogonal area, is known as the Shah Abbasi Bath and is built in Safavid style.

Another sulfur bath is in a neighborhood called Abanotubani , part of the old Tbilisi region. Hot water is also provided directly from the spa springs.

The cost of using public baths is from 2 lari to the top and the cost of using a score bath or the same cabin is from 15 to 80 lari for one hour. A separate massage fee is available upon request by the Massage Therapist.

 Massages in these baths are more similar to washing. Different drinks are also offered at the usual price in these bathrooms.

There are several Sulfur baths in Tbilisi, and one of them is located in the orthogonal area of the city of Tbilisi, known as the Sha`bas Bath . Its tile works are Safavid style and the time of construction is related to the same period. This bath has no heating elements and warm water is completely natural and is supplied from spa springs. It is believed that the water of this bath has therapeutic effects.