Tbilisi Turtle Lake

This beautiful lake is a summer resort in the Vaket neighborhood near the Iranian embassy in Tbilisi, which attracts tourists and indigenous people every spring and summer.

Unlike the name of the Tbilisi turtle lake, no turtle lives in this lake, but the Georgian people believe that the lake is above the turtle and therefore it is called the turtle lake.


In the turtle’s lake, in addition to swimming and sunbathing, you can also enjoy other activities such as sailing, drinking and edible cafes, sometimes local music concerts are held around the lake and …

The turtle lake is a good place to walk, relax and relax, and the lush green landscape of the lake with its clean water and azure leaves a special peace of mind. There are well-known restaurants and cafes around the lake. During the summer, a variety of recreational and recreational facilities include a variety of water sports and many tourists attract tourists in Georgia.

Tbilisi Turtle Lake


The lake is a waterfront that does not have a free water (the lake is bigger than the catchment ). Some of the lakes are so large that they are referred to as the sea in conversational conversation. Lakes do not flow like rivers and inhabit. Most lakes have fresh water, most of them in the northern hemisphere . More than 60% of the world’s lakes are in Canada . Finland also known as the land of thousands of lakes (there are 187, 888 lakes in Finland, of which 60,000 are large).

Some lakes are made by human hands. These lakes are built for different uses, such as power generation (eg lake behind dams) for use in water for farming or in homes or for recreation.

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