Batumi Hotels

Batumi, the diamond of Georgia located on the coast of the Black Sea  , is from the cities of the semi-autonomous region of Ajaristan and the ancient Georgian state of Colchis .

Colchis is influential in Greek fictional legends, which is why it is included in the Europe square, the statues of the Neptune (Poseidon), the Lord of the Sea, as well as the statue of Medea and golden wool and other symbols that show Georgia’s relationship with Europe.

6 May park, Piazza Square, Old and New Coastal Boulevard, Dolphin Park, Botanical Gardens and Water Park are some of the most spectacular places you can visit in luxury hotels in Georgia’s second largest city.

Hilton hotels, Sheraton (on Rustaveli Street), Divan Suites, and Radisson are very good hotels in Batumi.

Along with the Batumi luxury hotels, you can enjoy countless 3 star hotels. And of course, remember more than Tbilisi not spending your time at the hotel.

هتل های باتومی

Every year, in the summer, along with the old lighthouse tower, Batumi alphabet tower, Europe Square, Piazza, and different places of this city, street shows, fireworks and good restaurants are welcoming you until the morning. So do not sleep in Batumi.

Batumi has been the first Iranian students’ transit to travel to Europe for education.

Tehran, Tabriz, Tbilisi, Batumi, Trabzon is a route that has been used since the Qajar to early Pahlavi for the transition from Iran to Europe and back.

Batumi people are warm- hearted and hospitable, and the city except the 6 May park and the old boulevard, buildings in Europe square and Piazza square is modern and renovated.

From Batumi to the city of Sarapi and the Turkish border, you can face virgin landscapes and clean and untouched beaches.

The Museum of Batumi on Chavchavadze Street in the city has old clay and metal that is worth seeing.

In the round of Europe Square and Rustaveli Street near Sheraton Hotel and Hilton Hotel, you can find good restaurants that suits every taste.