‌‌Bakuriani, An area that is beautifully covered with poplar trees and close to Borjomi, this beautiful area is of great importance to skiers and sports enthusiasts due to high altitudes above sea level and various slopes.

The  elevation is 1,700 meters.

The area is covered with beautiful forests, which are predominantly covered with poplar trees, located 37 km from the city of Borjomi.

The highest mountain of the resort used for skiing is called Mount Kohta at around 2,200 meters (7,216 feet) above sea level.

The weather in this continental region is relatively high due to its close proximity to the Black Sea. This is a cold winter area with high snowfall. And it has long and warm summers. The snowfall is 734 mm. The average snow depth is 64 cm.

Skiing, ice skating and snowboarding are sports that are considered to be very good for local enthusiasts.

Bakuriani is one of the most fascinating European skiing and skating sites.

The altitude of this environment has provided very much for parachute.

Snowmobile is availabe and rented at incredible prices in the whole area for fun, hunting, hiking, adventure, fishing, and more.



Skiing is the name of several sports groups that use various boards that are closed to the athlete’s foot to slip on different levels.

Skiing is accompanied by a verb, and its practice is skiing or called in English Skiing . The ski is divided into two main categories, the older one of which is arranged in Scandinavia , with the joints of the heel being free and free, and the board is attached to the skier’s boot, rather than the heel, and the ability to maneuver, More and less knee bending. Scandinavian skiing types include ski jumping , cross-country skiing, and the Telemark Ski .

Alpine skiing is the name of the sport and recreation where skiing on hills and snow-covered slopes. Alpine skiing, unlike the northern skiing, has a skiing skier heel.

Alpine skiing is prevalent in many countries with mountainous and snowy areas. In recent years, ski tracks have been built in some countries.

Alpine skiing sports include:

Small helix

Great spiral

Ski Speed

Super j

Hybrid Ski

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