Gori is an industrial city in the state of Georgia ‘s Rhodia Cartier . The city was founded by one of the largest kings of Georgia , Davit IV.


Gory is known as a city since 1801. The economic significance of the city increased since 1872 after the construction of the Tbilisi – Poti railroads. Before the Great Revolution, there was no industry in the city, and only crafts and commerce were major activities alongside agriculture. The Gori earthquake of 1920 caused many parts of the city to be destroyed.



The city now has an area of about 800 hectares on both sides of the Mtkvari and Laykhoy riverside . Its geographical location, as the intersection of roads and having a suitable climate, has had a huge impact on the city. In the past forty years, its population has grown fivefold. Greyhound is considered the heart of the Rhine Cartier state. The communication paths connecting each other in this city cut off each other.


Gory is the intersection of the South Caucasus Railroad and has a railway station. From this point, a branch of the railway and road are drawn to the northwest of the north. Additionally, it crosses the highway to the Athenian valley.


Gory is an industrial city. The majority of the population is made up of industrial workers. The city’s inhabitants are most engaged in various industries, including the construction industry and transportation industry. On the right bank of the river Lajkhi is an active textile factory established since 1945. Gory’s canning and winery is one of Georgia’s most prestigious food factories. The crop of fruit produced by this plant is renowned throughout the region and beyond the borders of the country. Gori is one of the most important centers of Georgian fruit production, as well as the aluminum and heavy metal industry.


The medieval fortress called Goris Tsihka overlooks the city.

Sioni Monastery is one of the most famous works of Georgia’s seventh century architecture located near the village of Atheni . In this temple, the graffiti belonging to the tenth century is very famous.

Joseph Stalin was born in this city and lived there until 1894. Stalin’s home has become a museum, and a large statue of Stalin was built in Gory, which remained until recently.


Gori Celebrities

Joseph Stalin – the leader of the Soviet Union

Jakob Gogbashvili – author of the first textbook of the Georgian alphabet in 1865.


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      Gori (Georgian: გორი [ɡɔri]) is a city in eastern Georgia, which serves as the regional capital of Shida Kartli and the centre of the homonymous administrative district. The name is from Georgian gora (გორა), that is, “heap”, […]

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