Gudauri Ski Resort is a high quality ski resort on the southern slopes of the Caucasus Mountains, in northeastern Georgia, near the Casablanca or Stepanestminda. With a two-hour drivimg, you can take 120 km from Tbilisi to Gudauri.

There are three roads in Gudauri, where both beginners skiers and professional skiers can play in this ski area. Residences and hotels of varying degrees are located in this area, as well as cottages with several restaurants, indoor swimming pools, bowling, self-portraits, ski schools, and kindergartens for skiers’ children. The summit, which is at an altitude of 2196 meters above sea level, is also an interesting summer resort, which is suitable for skiing from December to April.

Gudauri is one of the most famous and professional ski resort in Georgia.



Skiing is the name of several sports groups that use various boards that are closed to the athlete’s foot to slip on different levels.

Skiing is accompanied by a verb, and its practice is skiing or called in English Skiing . The ski is divided into two main categories, the older one of which is arranged in Scandinavia , with the joints of the heel being free and free, and the board is attached to the skier’s boot, rather than the heel, and the ability to maneuver, More and less knee bending. Scandinavian skiing types include ski jumping , cross-country skiing, and the Telemark Ski .

Alpine skiing is the name of the sport and recreation where skiing on hills and snow-covered slopes. Alpine skiing, unlike the northern skiing, has a skiing skier heel.

Alpine skiing is prevalent in many countries with mountainous and snowy areas. In recent years, ski tracks have been built in some countries.

Alpine skiing sports include:

Small helix

Great spiral

Ski Speed

Super j

Hybrid Ski

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  • Gudauri

      Gudauri (Georgian: გუდაური) is a ski resort located on the southern slopes of The Greater Caucasus Mountain Range in Georgia. The resort is situated in the Stepantsminda District, along the Georgian Military Highway near the Cross […]

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