The small but beautiful city of Kazbegi (Kazbeghi  ) is one of the natural attractions of Georgia, which is less well-known among the Iranians, and is more attractive to European tourists and the Georgians themselves, because of their remoteness from the center and the Tbilisi desperation. The town is located 160 kilometers north of Tbilisi, 25 kilometers southwest of the Russian-Georgian border, and was used as a military route in the past.


The route is mountainous due to the continuous elevation of the altitude until it reaches a very beautiful suburbs and is really dreamy. Due to clean air and high altitude, sometimes the clouds look so close as if they could be touched by fingers. Stroll along the paths of the lake and rivers, and with stops, you can take great pictures and enjoy a drink. This area is also one of the interesting destinations for mountain climbers because it is the third highest mountain summit in Georgia. The peak of Kazbegi, or the Kazak Peak, is called in the local language “Meknvari”. The highest peak of Georgia is Shikharah peak at 5201 meters.


Mountains and Summits

These summits are located in the Caucasus Mountains, which extends between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. Kazbegi is well-known for Iranian climbers, and so far many groups of Iranian climbers have conquered this summit. The best time to climb this peak is between July and September.

Kazbegi is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. There are a lot of mountainous and very lush green area, rich in oxygen and clean air, and it is very suitable for relaxation for a few days. Of course, in autumn and winter It is very cold and snowy and is recommended only on summer for tourists. Because of enthusiasm of tourists from all over the world, unfortunately, the prosperous and stylish hotel is not so cheap, and it costs about $ 100 a day to welcome you. Due to the fact that there are a lot of tourists in the area this summer, Book your hotel three months ago in this area, otherwise you will not have a way to stay unless you update the night in the travel tent.


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