Kutaisi (to Georgian : ქუთაისი ) is the center of the city of Immertia , located in the eastern part of Kolkhis plain. This city is due to its economic importance and the population of Georgia’s second largest city. Its population in 2002 was estimated to be around 215,700.

Its 3rd most populous city. Situated 221 kilometres (137 miles) west of Tbilisi, on the Rioni River, it is the capital of the western region of Imereti. Historically one of the major cities of Georgia, it served as the capital of the Kingdom of Georgia in the Middle Ages, and later as the capital of the Kingdom of Imereti. The Parliament of Georgia moved to Kutaisi in 2012, in an effort to both acknowledge the status of the city, and to decentralise the Georgian government.

Archaeological excavations in the Kutaisi area show that the habitation of humans in this region dates back to the Paleolithic Period and the Bronze Age . The documentary date of the city of Kutatism begins from the third century BC Jesus (AS) . The classic writers call it the capital of the Kolkhis kingdom.



Over the centuries, Kottaysi was a thriving business center, growing in importance as a result of the ways of the Conway and Rhine River , merchandise from the city, the shores of the Black Sea and Poti, and from there to distant points such as the Greek coast It was sent.

From the middle of the eighth to the ninth century, the Kotuis was first the capital of western Georgia and then the kingdom of Imreti . Although the fortunes and policies of the politicians did not enable the city to save the enemy from aggression and destruction.

At the end of the eleventh century, the Seljuqs burned it, and in the 13th and 14th centuries the Genghis Khan and Timur Lange armies destroyed the city. During the Soviet era , Kutaisi was abundant in economic and cultural spheres, the automobile factory, the manufacturing plant for electronics and centrifugal pumps, and locomotives exporting their products abroad.

One of the largest industrial factories in the city is the small-sized tractor plant used to plow gardens and vineyards and has the ability to work on sloping slopes. Polished and colored oil factories produce the main materials for the production of durable paints, cabbage, barite and several other products. A glass factory, a textile and silk factory, clothing and textiles, a canning factory, and a fruit and vegetable product from the point of view of product production are of regional importance. In the suburbs, travertine rocks are used to build buildings.one of the sister city of Kutaisi is Rasht in Iran.


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