The city of  Mestia is one of the cities of Georgia. Mestia is located near the cities of Kutaisi, Poti and Yuni in the northwest of Georgia.

The beautiful Mestia is located at a height of 1500 meters in the mountain range of the Caucasus Mountains. Mestan is located in Samogarlu County – Zemo Swanti, and is 128 km from the center of Zugdidi.

Mestia is located about 450 km from Tbilisi and is about 4 hours traveling from Tbilisi to Mestia.

Mestia province has 132 villages with an area of 3044 square kilometers and a population of 1,500 inhabitants in rural areas, and about 2,700 people live in the center of this city. Most of the people in this region are descendants of the region and they are considered to be old Georgian residents in terms of culture and history.

The Mestia in Georgia is one of the most important cultural and historical centers and has been registered on the UNESCO list as a human heritage. The sister city is San Gimignano, Italy.

The famous “Daba” towers are featured in all parts of Mestia. Mestia is one of the mountain hiking tourist destinations in Georgia.


The new and beautiful Mestia airport, Queen Tamara, has flights to Tbilisi and Kutaisi weekly. To get access to the Mestia you can travel by cars and busses, you can also travel to this city fromTbilisi and Zogdidi by train and bus. The new highway between Mestania and Zogdidi opened last year, making it safer and easier to travel to Mestana.

You can also visit the beautiful Mashhad village of Oshgoli from the city of Mestia.

Mestia is very famous for its beautiful mountains. If you are hiking , you can walk to the Caucasus in the mountains of the Serpfleks and enjoy the beautiful scenery.


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