The country in the global divisions is a region of the planet, in which a nation lives and its name is registered in the United Nations .

Countries are separated by international borders and often have a central government .

Countries are divided into smaller divisions into provinces or provinces , provincial capital , city center , city center , city , district , district center , rural district , village center and village .

Some countries in their provinces or states have an independent government or so-called sovereign state, autonomous state, or state governorate.


Meaning of Georgia

At the time of ancient Greece, which had just gathered around the world and produced a geographic map, it was advised by one of the Georgian businessmen who was engaged in business in Greece and geographer from Georgia to bring the Greek world of geography.

Who seized the country and saw it closely: after the arrival of the Greek in the land of the green, dream and paradise of Georgia, all the words and descriptions that the Georgian man had said … (… Oh, Greek man , go there to feel refreshed and happy and young because they have been told from the past and our ancestors that God was the world’s heaven, and because of the Georgian people’s goodness we were good about it …) and the Greeks spent a lot of time studying about Georgian people in a few places in Georgia,And since most Georgians are busy with agriculture, they called the name georges, the Greek name: Farmers. From then on it was called Georgia in the west and Georgia in Iran. In Georgia itself is called Sakartol.

Sakartvelo (Georgian): From the name of the god Kartlos, which is called the Greeks.


Economy of countries

No country produces and consumes only one commodity. Each country has a set of manufactured and consumed goods. 

Many countries have a national currency , some have also replaced the currencies of another country as the currency of their own country.

The EU member states also have their own common currency.