Georgia (country)

Georgia (/ˈdʒɔːrdʒə/  Georgian: საქართველო, translit.: sakartvelo, is a country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia. Located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, it is bounded to the west by the Black Sea.

 Georgia is one of the countries on both continents of Europe and Asia , and one of the goals of the Tbilisi political authorities of the Georgian capital is the EU.

Georgians speak Georgian , the official language of Georgia, written in the Georgian alphabet , one of the fourteen alphabets in the world.

The lateness of human life in Georgia amounts to 1, 800, 000 (one million eight hundred thousand) years ago, in which a group of the first human beings, known as the Germans , lives.  Georgia was known in ancient times as Iberia , and today in most languages, the Greek word for “agriculture ” is used in many different ways.

Since the foundation of the ancient kingdom of Georgia, the Iberian Empire, by theParnassus I in the fourth century BC until the Mongol invasion of Georgia in the 13th century, a period of peace in the history of Georgia , from the Mongol invasionto Georgia, a historic ups and downs With resistance to Iranian , Ottoman andRussian attacks, the latest of which was the Russian attack on Georgia in 2008 .


The peak of the history of the relationship between Georgia and Iran

the Safavid era, the most important of which are:

  • 23 times the invasion of Georgia by the Army of the Safavid Empire
  • Massacre of many Georgians
  • Captive and exile of 300,000 (300,000) dead Georgian survivors to Qazvin ,Gilan , Mazandaran , Golestan , Esfahan and Fars
  • The alternate establishment of the Safavid rule over the East and the rule of theOttomans over the West of Georgia

After the Safavids, Nader Shah Afshar attacked Georgia and deported 30,000 (thirty thousand) Georgians to Khorasan . Qajar Aghamohammadkhan also, after the attack on Tbilisi , carried out the massacre of the people of that city, one of the bloodiest events in Georgia’s history, and displaced 15,000 Georgians to Iran. 

With the signing of the Gergiysk Treaty in 1783, Georgia became a subregion ofRussia , and about twenty years later, in 1801, Russia declared Georgia as one of its governorates, and the tsarist regime was established in Georgia. Following the 1917 Revolution, the Russian Empire , Georgia, declared independence on May 26, 1918, but the Soviet Red Army invaded Georgia in 1921 (1,300 solar), and for 70 years Georgia was one of the Soviet republics until it was in 1991 AD (1370s), became independent.




From the ninth century until the Soviet invasion of Georgia in 1921, the Chukha was used by the Georgians . The tendency of the Georgians to go to Chukha is still ongoing and they consider Chukha as one of their cultural heritage , which has survived from the old days.

Chukha is, in fact, a representative of the national pride of the Georgian people , and the dress that has been on the Georgians for more than a thousand years.

France may be known as the Mantilla scarf with the hat and Spain , and very few people associate their national pride with their culture as much as Chukha.

In almost all Georgian houses, framed images of their ancestors are clothed on a chokha on the wall of the house.

In Georgia , the Black Chukha was used as a hallmark of the class-known community of the Chukhavians , which included Chiefs of War, army commanders, heroes, poets and those who had done great services to the country.

The use of the Chukha at the time of the unification of the Soviet republicsfrom 1921 to 1971 was short-lived and was a symbol of endurance that the newly independent Georgians of the Tsarist Russian Empire faced againstthe Soviet invasion of the Soviet Army in 1921. And in the present time, reign is the birth of Georgia . A country that enjoys a unique culture.

Revival of the Chukha occurred simultaneously with the revival of the powerof the Georgian Orthodox Church , the revival of Georgian folk dance and the revival of the Georgian collective singing .

Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili ordered high-level government officials outside Georgia to attend official Georgian national costumes.

Currencies and currency conversion

The Georgian currency is Lari and each lari is 100 tons and each lari  is equal to 1800 tomans of Iran.

There is no limit to the conversion of any kind of foreign currency, and there is no difference between the black market and the official banks. Interestingly, currency conversion centers are so numerous in the city that people can easily convert their currencies.


Public Transport in Tbilisi, Georgia

Subway: The underground metro network (Tbilisi) is called Metropolitan. There are two subway lines in Tbilisi, intersect at the station.   he station names are written in English and Georgian, and train station announcements are also provided in both languages. Metro services are available from 07:00 until midnight. To use the subway, you should use a subway card that costs 2 lari: this card can be purchased from any station and charged. Regardless of the distance, the cost of traveling by subway is 80 T.


Bus: The Tbilisi buses are  yellow, and all have their route number in front of the car.  Many bus stations have an automatic page that shows the service before, during and after arrival. You can pay for your coins(50 T) or pay with your over-charged travel card. A trip to anywhere in the city costs 50 T .  You can charge your subway card at any metro station. Of course you can also use cash to pay. (Just pay the same amount). To see the bus route on the city map, visit the website below.


Minibus (Marshattka): Marshroots are like minivans or vans in Iran and are privately owned, and their number and route are usually written on the front glass in Georgian. Note that the numbering system is different from bus service. You can shake and ride wherever you want, and you can call and ask where you want it to be (stand for the rat), and get off. The cost of traveling with these vans is 80 t. Recently, you can use subway cards in new vans.

Taxis: Taxis in Tbilisi belong to the private sector and do not have taxi meters. One of the interesting things about taxi drivers in Tbilisi is that they usually do not have the skills to find the address (except for famous hotels or tourist destinations). Another interesting point is that taxi drivers usually do not have the money change and if you do not have either, it means  you have to lose your time to find somewhere to change it, because in Tbilisi it’s not easy to find money change . Georgians say “khorda” to the money change.

Do not forget that the cost of inland city trips is usually between 3 and 10 Lari, unless you want to go to the airport.

Before you get a taxi, be sure to complete the price with the driver. Usually, drivers charge high prices when they see a foreigner. So ask for a discount and lower price.


Georgia is between 41 degrees 7 minutes to 43 degrees and 35 minutes north latitude, and 40 degrees 4 minutes to 46 degrees and 42 minutes east. The country is longitudinally stretched along the circuits, with a length of about 370 km, a maximum width of 200 km and a long, large diameter of 613 km. The area of Georgia is 69, 900 square kilometers.

Important cities and neighbors


The Republic of Georgia includes the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia and the Autonomous Republic of Ajara and is divided into 65 districts. The major cities of the country are Tbilisi, Kutaisi, Gori, Chivatar, Rustavi, Poti, Takibuli, Zoghiddi, Tsqaltobo, Swami, Tavvarchili, Gagar, Batumi. The country is 723 km from the north with the Russian Federation, with the Republic from the east. Azerbaijan 322 km, from the south with the Republic of Armenia 164 km and from the southwest with Turkey 252 km. The country is characterized by rugged areas, and two thirds of it is mountainous. The mountains of Shakhara is located at 5069 hectares. West Georgia has a wet climate, while East Georgia is damp or moderate. This currency is Lari. In 2007, each dollar was equal to 1.7 lari. The center of Georgia’s Tbilis is about half an hour from Tehran, but it should be noted that Georgia is a rainy country with a lot of lakes. There are 3 edges of the city of Tbilisi in great order:


– Lake Tbilisi (known as the Tbilisi Sea)


– Lake Turtles


– Lake Lacy


There are many other lakes around and around the country that are used as water supplies and recreational resources.


Georgian Dance (to Georgian : ქართული ცეკვა ) is a folk dance of the Georgian people and is considered a traditional dance in the Caucasus region.The main feature of the Georgian dance is that each dance embodies the kind of life of each region that emanates from it. Mountain dances such as Khosuruli, Keshbgori, or Mtvolouri are strongly distinguished from the dances of the so-called “Aharulli” and “Dururi” doors. Clothing and clothing are different for each dance and represent traditional and historic costumes. Georgian writer and poet Gregor Roboiside said in a Georgian dance that no one else can dance like he does, of course, racially.

Celebrations of Georgia

The lively and happy people of Georgia, based on different pretexts, both national and religious, celebrate glorious celebrations. Among the most important celebrations is the New Year’s Eve (Christmas) December 15 to January 15, Alilu’s celebration 15 days after the year. New, with a national and folk roots, a traditional carnival, folk dance collections that create beautiful landscapes, a clean celebration that celebrates the blessing and greenery before the New Year, and paints a feast that coincides with Eid Nowruz is Yogurt and in the flower season, the Grand Flower Festival is the most magnificent and most beautiful national and national celebration, along with the celebration of roses and their velvet revolution.

Georgian literature

Georgian literature The created literature in Georgia is the Georgian people’s literature and literature written in Georgian . Georgian literature dates back two thousand five hundred years ago, and has been a few centuries BC. From the oldest literary works of Georgia to the contemporary period, is Jakob Tsouratovili, entitled “The Shoshanik Testimony ” (fifth century), which is a work of art devoted to the idea of loyalty to the homeland, during the 12th-13th centuries, the period of Georgian classical literature . At this time, a romantic story called ” Viseramani ” from Sargis Temogulli and a collection of stories related to ” Amiran Darjariani ” by Mousseh Bloody , the acclaimed poems about Abdulmessi by Evana Shaotali and ” Tamarani ” by Evana Chakhrokhadzeh were created. The complete example of the Georgian classical culture in this period is the genius of Shota Rustaoli , called the Purgatory Pain , which is one of the masterpieces of the world of fine arts and literature. This poem applauds the excellence of emotions and human emotions, namely love, friendship, masculinity and courage, and praises victory, freedom, truth, goodness and goodness. Rustaoli is a great philosopher of humanitarianism, one of the founders of Renaissance ideas in world literature.


The creation of literary works, which, during the difficult times of the 14th and 15th centuries, was turned off and almost completely cut off, lives in the 16th to 17th centuries with new power and strength. The activity of great writers and poets expands, and the issue of patriotism in their creative works has a high status. The coordinates of the first half of the nineteenth century in Georgia are that at that time, the ingenious activity of romantic poets, such as Alexander Chavochdavozha (1786-1746), Gregor Orbilliani (1800-1883), Nicholas Baratashvili (1845-1845), has proceeded. Georgia’s romanticism was not unfamiliar with social phenomena and contributed to the richness of literary language, and created an elaborate and versatile poetic style. In the mid-nineteenth century, romanticism gave way to early realism . The second half of the nineteenth century marked the emergence of prominent personalities such as Akaky Tessertli and Ilya Chavchavazd in classical literature.

Georgia’s romanticism was not unfamiliar with social phenomena and contributed to the richness of literary language, and created an elaborate and versatile poetic style. In the mid-nineteenth century, romanticism gave way to early realism. The second half of the nineteenth century marked the emergence of prominent personalities such as Akaky Tessertli and Ilya Chavchavazd in classical literature.

Somewhat sweet and sophisticated poets such as Titiceyan Tabidze, Juste Gryšashvili, Irakli Abashidze, Simon Chikovani, etc. have been revived by the words of the great prominent Georgians. Georgia’s literary and artistic publishing has grown enormously by a series of impressive works. Georgian literature has a single interest in people’s lives and their interests and is constantly evolving.



There are no restrictions on the conversion of any kind of foreign currency, and there is no difference between the black market and the official banks. Interestingly enough, currency conversion centers are so numerous in the city that people can easily convert their currencies. Exit equipment such as sword and other conventional weapons is allowed provided that they are licensed from authorized stores So it is necessary to bring the purchase at the time of withdrawal. Another point is that the above mentioned equipment is prohibited in the aircraft and it is necessary to load and load the luggage in the luggage.

You must also have an Australian National Certificate or an International Certificate (IDP) for driving in Georgia. (IDP) is an international driving license that holders will be able to drive without having to attend driving courses or take part in driving tests in more than 160 countries, as long as the license is valid as a valid document. Internationally, can determine and confirm the identity of its holder. He added that applicants for this type of certification can go to the IRI’s Inspectorate of Internal Affairs by calling their credentials to Iran.



Chukha Talhavari (to Armenian: չոխա), (to Azeri-Turkish: çuxa), (Russian: Circassian) is a part of the traditional local men’s clothing of the Caucasian people. In general, Chokha equipment includes: Shirt Fur coat, fur hat, leather belt, shoulder strap, shotgun and dagger.

Mineral water

The South Caucasus, in particular Georgia, is an active volcanoes area of recent geological periods, a densely quake-shaped area with new tectonic flags. The current forces of the submarine forces are characterized by hot and mineral springs, which leave the land in many territories of Georgia.

The “water of life” can be termed “hot water springs and radioactivity”. Alkaline-carbon mineral springs The Comfort Center is sometimes known as Borjomi around the world. Mineral water is “savior” with the waters of Matsuda near Sochi. The alkaline-salt springs of Simeyra, Logela, and Zava in Java are similar to the Sak Tukhi Springs. Finally, the sulfur-alkali springs of Tbilisi are very famous.


The capital is the largest city in Georgia. It is located on the sides of the Mtkvry River and has a population of about 1.5 million. Tbilisi was founded in the fifth century AD by Vakhtang I, the king of ancient Georgia, and named after the hot springs of it “Tibilis” (derived from the word “Tiblis” meaning warm, attributed to the hot water of Tbilys). Tufis in the south East of Europe. The location of Tbilisi, the east and west, has made the city the point of connecting various competing empires, and today it ensures its position as an important route for world energy and commercial projects. And the Tbilisi uprising can be understood from its architecture, which combines the medieval architecture,New classical architecture and Stalinist architecture. The fictions have historically been the habitat of different people of different ethnicities, cultures and religions, but nowadays it is religiously considered as the Eastern Orthodox Christian city.


Batumi is located in the southwest of Georgia and on the Black Sea coast. Georgia through this port is doing its business and travel connections with the continent of Europe and other continents. The city is a port on the Black Sea coast and in the country of Georgia. Botuminosis can be called one of the most beautiful and most tourist-friendly ports and cities in the Caucasus. In recent years, the Georgian government has presented the city with its beautiful beauties with great tourist attractions. In particular, he has gained a lot of fans among Iranian passengers. The beach and the main boulevard of the city are one of Batumi’s most popular attractions. Ancient castle Goniou Apasaros, Makhuntseti Falls, botanical garden, dolphin park, botanical aquarium, old mosque, orthodox churches, Armenian and Catholic parks, water park, 6th May Park and Nurigeli Lake and many other wonderful places are waiting for visitors to visit Batumi. .



Urmia is a city in the province of Samtatska – Georgia’s sovereignty. The city’s population was 13600 in 2009, according to the 2009 census. A beautiful city in Georgia is known as the “Hot Springs” city, located 150 kilometers west of Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia and in the Tori region. Borjomy is one of the natural and virgin areas of Georgia, whose mineral springs sprinkle to various countries, including the United States and the European Union, and have always welcomed nature-friendly tourists. It was developed by the Nicholas Tsar in the middle of the 19th century as a hot water city. This region was known for its mineral water during the Soviet Union, and its reputation is about 200 years old and it has a lot of mineral water. To be Walking around the hills of this lovely entertainment area.

Tips for knowing when you arrive in Georgia:

  1. It is prohibited to enter the country and, if it is accompanied, a doctor’s copy that has been approved by the embassy of Georgia in Tehran, otherwise the medicines will be seized and the passenger will be imprisoned and fined.
  2. Any kind of conflict in this country is a crime and both sides are guilty.
  3. Drugs are forbidden in the country, and they each have a hot 10 years in prison.
  4. It is forbidden to pour garbage and cigarette butts on the city’s surface and roads and if you find a fine.


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