Tbilisi City Tours

Tbilisi City Tours” Tbilisi (to Georgian : თბილისი, “Tbilisi” ) is the capital and largest city in Georgia and Eastern Europe .

Tbilisi City Tours

The city is located on the sides of the Metrovari River. A population of about 1.5 million people live in it. Tbilisi was founded in the fifth century AD by Vakhtang I, the king of ancient Georgia, Iberia , and named after the hot springs of it, “Tibilis” (derived from the word “Tibili” meaning warm, attributed to the hot springs of Tbilis).


Tbilisi is located in southeastern Europe, the location of Tbilisi, its location on the east and west, has made this city the point of connecting various rival empires, and today it has positioned it as an important route for world energy and commercial projects and the route of connecting two European continent guarantees Asia.


Tbilisi is the largest city in the Caucasus and is located in the center of the Caucasus. Tbilisi hosts various conferences and meetings that have brought the city to Eastern Europe and its name in the world.


The history of Tflis’s tumultuous and uprising can be understood from its architecture, which is a combination of medieval architecture , neoclassical architecture and Stalinist architecture .


During the history of Tibilis, many people lived in various ethnicities, cultures, and religions. Today, the city is religiously considered to be the Eastern Orthodox Christian city.