Tbilisi Hotels

Tbilisi has been one of the most important commercial, political, economic and tourism centers of the Caucasus. The first modern hotel in Tbilisi, Marriott Hotel was built during the Emperor Tsar Nicholari in 1915 in the city of Tbilisi.

Since then, due to the expansion of the tourism industry in Tbilisi, the hotel industry has been expanding. The hotels such as  Biltmore ,  Radisson Blu, Marriott Tbilisi, Ambassadors are  the five star luxury hotels in the city. The Mercure Hotel, the Coste, the Crown Palace, Primavera, the Art Boutique, the Citrus and the Holliday inn are four star hotels in the city.

Tbilisi is full of boutiques of lovely hotels in the Avlabari Shardeni area and the historic part of the city. The British House Hotel, Rosegarden, Betsy Hotel and Artist Residence are good hotels in the historic area of the city.

Tbilisi Hotels

Important note:

Tbilisi is Tbilisi! Do not compare city hotels with Turkish hotels (Kemer, Kusadasi, Marmaris, Antalya or Dubai).

 Only in 5-star hotels expect the same quality. But do not worry that Tbilisi is a vibrant city and you do not have the time to stay at the hotel.

 Go out of the hotels, inhale clean air.

 Do not go for kebab, try Adjaruli, Khinkali, Khachapuri, Lobio, Cutletti and go to the Park over Mount Funicular. Go to the vendor market.

Enjoy the scent of coffee and watch the passersby on the sidewalk. The Opera Hall is well-equipped shopping malls like Galleria on Rustavi Street and well-equipped cinema. It is well located on the fifth floor of the Georgian restaurants, where in the corridors and basements you can enjoy dinner with a beautiful Georgian dance.

These are only part of things to do that can be done in Tbilisi.