Tour or tourism is generally considered a recreational travel destination. Although in recent years it includes any traveler who leaves the workplace or  life. A person who travels is called tourist . The word tourist emerged when middle class people made travel. This became possible as people became more financially able to make their lives longer. Most tourists are more than interested in the climate , culture or nature of their destination. The rich have always traveled to remote areas, but not by chance, but ultimately for a particular purpose. For example, to see famous buildings and artwork, learn new languages and taste different dishes. Organized tourism is today the most important industry in the whole world.

تور و گردشگری

Tourism in the world

The term tourism comes from the word tour, which is rooted in the Latin word turn, means turning around, going back and forth between origin and destination and rotation, which has been found through French and English in Persian. The equivalent of Persian is tourism.

Rich people usually travel around the world to see artistic masterpieces, learn new languages, learn new cultures or become familiar with other countries.

The term “tourism”  was first used by the League of Nations in 1937 . Tourism travels abroad for more than 24 hours.