Batumi Waterfall

Visiting international winery and wine house, beautiful sightseeing of 700 years Keda bridge,2000 years Gonio Fortress, Makhuntseti waterfall and Gonio museum can be a part of your adventurous trip.

Makhuntseti waterfall is located near the town of Keda, at 335 meters above sea level. Near the waterfall several picnic sites are available for visitors. While visiting the waterfall it is also possible to visit nearby tourist attractions.

Makhunets waterfall is one of the natural beauty of the city of Batumi . This waterfall, 50 meters high , is 30 kilometers from the city of Batumi, in a mountainous region at an altitude of 335 meters above sea level , and is surrounded by a beautiful and pristine nature. In addition to watching the Makhvansky cascade, you can visit the historical monument of the same name.

After a little  excursion it’s possible to picnic by the waterfall and specified places.


Waterfall formation process

The bedrock gems are eroded. Large streams pass through different rocks. Some rocks are harder than other rocks and can not easily be erosed. Others are easily eroded. When the river comes from a bed of hard stone, where the rocks are softer, it is likely that the waterfall will be formed at the encounter of these two types of rock, that is, water can not dig hardstones, but the soft gems below It breaks down and drops so-called “hard” rocks. Occasionally, the area of the empty space is so large that people can cross the waterfall.


At the site of the Niagara Falls, located on the Canadian and American frontiers, a flat layer of a few limestones is placed on softer stones called shale. The river water erodes the shale faster and the large parts of the limestone are cut from the edge of the cascade and fall. This happens mostly in the middle of the waterfall where the water flow is more intense. The result of this phenomenon is the formation of a cascade in the Canadian area.


The highest waterfall in Europe is in Norway. This waterfall, called OTIGARD, is 800 meters high. The water generated by the melting of the refrigerated water in the nasdal, which is much lower, collapses. The walls of the flask are very tight due to the previous frosts.


The rivers that flow in mountainous areas have numerous waterfalls. The blue that runs along the slopes passes through a lot of rocky stones and rocky streams and forms small waterfalls. In the coastal areas, it is rare to see a waterfall. But if the river flows from the altitude to the sea, then there will also be a cascade; in Iran, the Lorestan province with more than fifty cascades will record the number of cascades in the Middle East.

Batumi Waterfall

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