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Cheerful Georgian Night Tour

Nightlife in Tbilisi can be amazing if you experience the most delicious Georgian dishes and dinks, live and popular Georgian folk music, Folk dance performances and Iranian music with our Night tour.

Tbilisi Night

Shardeni Street – a beautiful pedestrian street, is one of the oldest Tbilisi neighborhoods.

 This street is full of different types of cafes and restaurants, handicraft sellers and handmade carpets in their hearts.

The nights of this street are always happy and alive and full of travelers and local people in Tbilisi, who walk there for walking, going to a cafe or restaurant, or listening to music from street musicians and musicians who go to restaurants and cafes.

The houses decorated with colorful terraces, often red, and old wooden fences, have transformed this street into an exhibition of Georgian architectural art.

The name of the beautiful and affectionate street of Tbil Shardini is taken from the name of the jeweler and the famous French traveler, “Shardin”, because he has traveled to different regions of Georgia, and in particular Tbilisi, and describes them as genuine and kind people in describing the Georgian people in his travels. has done.

Cheerful Georgian Night Tour

If you go to the restaurants in this neighborhood, I suggest that you do not miss the Georgian music live performances and dance music.

Just around  Sion Church, Tbilisi History Museum, St. George Cathedral, Peace Bridge, river Kura.


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