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Cruise boat on the fabulous Kura River


The Mtkvary River, Georgia’s largest river, is 1,364 meters long and the catchment area is 188 kilometers, which passes through the land of three countries: Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan.

 Mekhari in the language of “Mergilia” means “the river that eats the mountains” and in the Georgian language It means “clean water”, which can be said to have its roots in its place.

The river passes through its small and deep valleys along its path, and its coast is located in the city of Tbilisi and crossed the Caucasus Mountains And after the Aras River joins it, it flows into the Caspian Sea in the Gaststadene Telsh region.

cruise boat on Kura river is one of the most beautiful  city sightseeing.

This tour will be more memorable by serving meals,various kind of drinks and music.


Routing (rafting) Boating and exploring are on the river’s path, mostly by sailing in tidal waters.


Ruddie is a heavy sports activity that uses a small boat to roam the river . Usually to increase its excitement, this is done in the water’s roaring paths. This activity became popular as a sport from the 1970s.


Among the remarkable points in this sport is the river ratings. Grades are from 1 to 6. In the first place, even children are allowed to enter, because the level of roaring the river is very small. At grade 6, the likelihood of the death of athletes is a very dangerous route to the river, and only very technical people can sail. There are many rivers in Iran where this sport takes place.

Ruddie is one of the best examples of ecotourist travel, adventure tourism and sports tourism . Ruddhi is one of the most popular tourist destinations and many first-rate tourist companies in the world are specialized in the design and implementation of such trips.

Cruise boat on the fabulous Kura River

Regarding the fact that the implementation of river trips is very specialized and difficult to ignore, many tourists are at risk, so organizers of such trips should be expert in this field and guides for such trips should have been trained for many years. In the riverbed, passengers riding on special and necessarily standard boats, while excited to confront the waves of rivers, traveled through forests, mountains, plains, farms, villages and valleys, watching spectacles that are not possible with any other means.

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