Kakheti has always been the centre of grapes cultivation and wine manufacturing. Alazani valley is the most glorified winemaking area of Kakheti. Its unique geographical position, proximity of rivers, wind protection by the mountains of the Major Caucasus and the fertile soils of the valley create perfect conditions for cultivation of grapes resulting in really magnificent wines. Kakheti wines are distinguished by original bouquet and taste. Do not miss opportunity to experience ancient traditions of winemaking kept in Kakheti from time immemorial. Kahetian wines are known all over the world.
The picturesque city of Sighnaghi is one of Kakheti’s attractions. In spite of the fact that the city was built in XVIII century, it is ideal as a perfect balance elements of Georgian national identity, and the elements in the style of Southern Italian classicism. The city is known for its charm, beauty and romance. Georgians call it ‘the city of love’. Winding streets with overhanging balconies, vine covered courtyards, as well as excellent restaurants and hotels, make Sighnaghi the real treasure. Here you will feel the scent of history, enjoy the historical and religious centers, folk music, folk art and handicrafts, authentic Georgian carpets. In Signaghi we provide wine tasting and dinner at the restaurant with a wonderful view on Alazani valley.