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Tbilisi City Tour

Tbilisi as the capital and the largest city of Georgia with many historical attractions has always been one of the most important destinations for tourists.

The best way to discover and take the most of this city is the city tour.

We have been introducing a selection of the most important attractions (   Tsminda Sameba Cathedral, Narikala Fortress, Kartlis Deda- Mother of a Georgian, Cable Car, Tbilisi Sulphur Baths )in this city tour.


At the end of the city tour, we will be serving  lunch at the most luxurious five stars restaurants.

And we make a memorable journey for you.

Tbilisi is the capital and largest city in Georgia and Eastern Europe .

The city is located on the sides of the Metrovari River. A population of about 2.5 million people live in it. Tbilisi was founded in the fifth century AD by Vakhtang I, the king of ancient Georgia, Iberia , and named after the hot springs of it, “Tibilis” (derived from the word “Tibili” meaning warm, attributed to the hot springs of Tbilis).


Tbilisi is located in southeastern Europe, the location of Tbilisi, its location on the east and west, has made this city the point of connecting various rival empires, and today it has positioned it as an important route for world energy and commercial projects and the route of connecting two European continent guarantees Asia.

Tbilisi City Tour

Tbilisi is the largest city in the Caucasus and is located in the center of the Caucasus. Tbilisi hosts various conferences and meetings that have brought the city to Eastern Europe and its name in the world.

The Name of This City

The name of this city in Georgian is “Tbilisi”. (Derived from the word “Tibili” meaning hot; attributed to the hot springs of Tbilisi). Since Tbilisi was considered to be one of the most important cultural centers of Islam , it was renamed Arabic as “Tephilis”, and until recently it was known as “Tbilisi” or “Tiflis” in most languages. Then, according to the Georgian government, the name of the city was changed to its original name, but it is still called “Tbilisi” in Iran , Turkey , Germany , Kazakhstan and the Arab countries .

  • Tbilisi

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    Gino Paradise

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  • Kartlis Deda

    Kartlis Deda Kartlis Deda (to Georgian : ქართლის დედა ) (pronunciation: Kartlis Deda) means the mother of a cartridge ( Georgia ), a statue overlooking […]

  • حمام های سولفور

    Sulfur Spring Baths

    Sulfur Spring Baths An enjoyable experience and warmth in hot water: The main name of Tblisis is Takili, which means in the Georgian language a […]

  • Tsminda Sameba Cathedral

    Tsminda Sameba Cathedral The Holy Trinity Cathedral of Tbilisi  commonly known as Sameba is the main cathedral of the Georgian Orthodox Church located in Tbilisi, […]

  • باغ های بوتانیکال

    National Botanical Garden of Georgia

    National Botanical Garden of Georgia Botanical Gardens are one of the best sights in the city of Tbilisi and are one of Georgia’s most important […]

  • The Bridge of Peace

    The Bridge of Peace Relatively newly constructed the Bridge of Peace is definitely the attraction one wouldn’t want to miss in Tbilisi. It is a […]

  • کلیسای کاشوتی

    Kashveti Church

    Kashveti Church This church is located in the center of Tbilisi and is a Georgian Orthodox church.  This beautiful church was built by a person […]

  • موزه ملی گرجستان

    Georgian National Museum

    Georgian National Museum Georgia’s National Museum is one of the attractions of the city of Tbilisi. This Museum is Located on Rustavi Street, near the […]

  • Metekhi Church

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  • دریاچه لاک پشت ها تفلیس

    Tbilisi Turtle Lake

    Tbilisi Turtle Lake This beautiful lake is a summer resort in the Vaket neighborhood near the Iranian embassy in Tbilisi, which attracts tourists and indigenous […]

  • میدان آزادی

    Freedom Square

    Freedom Square Freedom Square is in the city of Tbilisi , where there is a statue of Gergis . Freedom Square, also known as Yervan, […]

  • دژ ناریکالا

    Narikala Fortress

    Narikala Fortress Narikala is an ancient and extraordinary fortress overlooking Tbilisi. Narikala is an ancient symbol of Tbilisi’s defence and it dominates the whole of […]

  • لوپوتا


    لوپوتا   لوپوتا یک جاذبه ی گردشگری است که در قسمت شمال شرقی منطقه، (کاختی) گرجستان قرار دارد. درياچه لوپوتا در استان كاختی يكي از […]

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