Tourist Attractions

Tourism attractions generally refer to all the resources, features and regional capabilities that can target individuals and groups for various purposes, including commercial and commercial purposes, recreational and entertainment purposes, meetings and expansion of relationships, cultural, educational and educational purposes, Self-interest and adventure and sporting purposes, and sometimes scientific and scientific purposes, will be beneficial for the pursuit of this attraction, in order to maintain and sustain the characteristics of the area and to create the benefits and benefits for the inhabitants of that area.


Types of tourist attractions

The tourist attractions are categorized in a universal way based on attractions based on the characteristics of the environment, attractions based on human activities and attractions that are created artificially and artificially by human beings.

Of course, each of these categories has the subcategories below:

Natural attractions


Natural perspectives

Coastal and Marine Regions

Vegetation and animal life

Highlights of the environment

Parks and Protected Areas

health tourism

Mineral water springs and hot water

Diet and health resorts

Cultural attractions

Historical, cultural and historical places

Indicator and cultural highlights

Crafts and Arts

Interesting economic activities: tea fields, the use of elephants in tropical forests, the use of traditional agricultural and fishing techniques, and the like.

Attractive urban areas

Museums and other cultural facilities

Events and cultural festivals

Charity and Behavioral Features of Residents of the Area

Types of Special Attractions

Which are not related to cultural and natural characteristics and are artificially created.

Artificial parks and entertaining parks and circuses


Conference, conferences and meetings

Special events


Sports and recreation

Tourist Attractions

Other Attractions

At times, the following features become attractive or as one of the tensile factors in attracting tourism:

Tourism Services and Facilities as One of the Motivational and Attractive Factors for Tourism

Hotels and promenades


Food and Drink

Folk, religion and patriotic affiliations

Cheap travel expenses

Political stability, health and security and other considerations